Eco-Friendly Homes

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One of the most attractive attributes of a home on the market? Eco-Friendliness! If you’re looking to make your home a bit greener, there are plenty of small places to start. From tidying up doors that allow a draft to changing the lightbulbs in your home, it’s never been simpler to make your space more energy efficient for yourself and more attractive to future buyers, too! Keep reading for a few quick swaps and upgrades that will give your home an instant eco-friendly boost. 

Swap Those Bulbs
Do you currently use incandescent light bulbs in your home? While this traditional option might seem like a good choice, the truth is that conventional light bulbs are known to use more energy! Make the switch to an LED light bulb. They use way less energy and last longer, meaning fewer trips to the store and more cash in your pocket for future home improvements! 

Go Low-Flow
Change out your old showerheads and faucets for low-flow versions. They use less water without sacrificing water pressure, so you can still enjoy a luxurious shower, guilt-free! You’ll be extra happy when your water bill is lower, too.

Draft-Free Zone

If your home is leaking air like crazy, it’s time to tackle those drafts. Weatherstripping, sealing gaps and adding heavy curtains can help keep the cozy warmth in during winter and the refreshing coolness in during summer. 

Small changes might seem like a drop in the bucket, but even the simplest of choices can make your home not only more attractive to potential buyers, but a better place for you to live in, too! Your home will be greener, your wallet will be happier, and you’ll be proud to show off the choices that you made to make your home an eco-friendly place. 

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